Computer Issues


Two days ago I couldn’t get my computer to shut off.

I finally did and then…

It wouldn’t turn on!!!!

I called Apple and they tried to help me but in the end I would need to go to the Genius Bar to be sure I didn’t loose all the stuff on the computer.

My husband checked with his IT guys and they have a certified Apple guy on the team.  He took it to them and as of right now it is still being worked on.  They have saved all my files and it looks like they wil have to replace the hard drive.

Luckily, my laptop was an “older” model and the hard drive will be easy to replace.

So until it comes back my blog will be silent as I can only talk from my iPad.  I’ll finish up Project 365 when I get it back {next week} and then start back up for 2016.  I might go to posting just once a week and write about our family life, recipes, knitting and other things during the rest of the week.

Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “Computer Issues

  1. It must of been a new year thing because my laptop broke too luckily my friends husband works in it and had an old pc he had been working on as a project and said I cold have it, earlier on in the year my laptop was running sooo slow so I bought a separate hard drive for a the photos, my fear was I would loose all my pictures, although may need a bigger hard drive at some point!

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