89 Days and Counting

Hard to believe we are only 89 days from dropping both our boys off at Teen Mission headquarters!  Fundraising is progressing with the goal of being finished up by May.  Mr. J has just under $1000 to raise and Mr. C has about $1800 left.

I found a sweet deal on their plane tickets home from Florida at the end of the seven weeks.  I purchased those without a second thought – $78 a ticket!

We finally applied for Mr. J’s passport {Mr. C has his already from last year’s trip to Aussie}.  It should be here in four weeks.  I was unprepared though as they call him an “adult” so the fee was more than I thought.  Luckily we had enough cash donated to cover the additional cost.

This weekend we purchased their boots.  They are required to wear all leather boots 6-8 inches high.  These are the same ones Mr. C wore last year.  He loved them and had no problems so we went back to the same small town store and purchased two pairs.  Somehow Mr. C was still squeezing his feet into his old boots.  They were a size and a half smaller than the ones we bought!

On to finishing up fundraising, purchasing items for the trip, and preparing to have no boys in the house for the summer. It is going to be an adventure!

If you would like to make a donation you can go to Teen Mission and donate online.  You’ll just need to let me know so I can give you their names to fill in on the form.  Our many thanks to those who have donated already.  Continue to pray that all funds come in timely and for their safety as they are away.