Project 365.172

Night photography

My husband and I went on a date night to look for these pictures.  It was fun to roam the city.  I couldn’t decided between the two.  The first is looking into the city across the “Y Bridge” which crosses a deep gorge {and also a pedestrian bridge on one side} and the second is the Civic Theatre which was the only light sign on that block.



Project 365.171

Free Theme

A local group started painting rocks and hiding them about the area.  The rocks have traveled around the world and today Ms. S found her first one.  We’ve hidden some so it’s fun to have found one herself! Now we have to find a perfect new hiding spot for this one!


Project 365.167

Good Luck Charm

Not something I believe in, so I took a picture of Ms. A’s necklace.  She wears this daily but didn’t want to wear it on her mission trip and asked me to wear it.  It will be a nice way to have her with me.  Only 53 days until they are home!