Project 366.275

This is what I’m working on right now.  I had the blue and gray forever and decided to make a blanket.  But I was running short of blue so I added orange.  It is more muted than the picture came out. I have just enough blue to make the final blue stripe.


One Pink Quilt

Yesterday I shared about the first quilt to be finished.  This one is Ms. A’s.  She had actually almost finished it on her own but there were some “errors” that made it frustrating and not the gift she had wanted to give to her Grammie.  Thankfully she has a Grammie who loves her and was thrilled at receiving even the unfinished quilt that she was given.

After working with Ms. S on her quilt, Grammie took Ms. A’s apart by hand so they could start over again.  It just seemed like the best thing to do to fix some things – like the hand stitching that was coming apart.  She didn’t want Ms. A to have to do this and offered to do  it for her.

They did not work the long hours Ms. S did to finish it quickly but spread it out over a few weeks.  Ms. A loved the process and learned that she loved sewing quilts more than she did clothes.  How different my girls are!

Here is her finished quilt.  I love the stitch she choose to do around the squares.





One Yellow Quilt

Last summer (2015) my daughters took a quilting class with two ladies from church.  They showed them how to cut out each square and were teaching them to hand stitch them together.

The summer ended, the class ended, and the quilts were not complete.  We tried getting one of the ladies to help and she gave limited help.  One daughter attempted to finish it on her own {with the help of this mom who knows NOTHING about quilting}.  After many frustrating hours she decided to ask Grammie for help {she had been trying to finish on her own as a gift for Grammie}.

Well, school days got us busy and the months passed on into this summer.  Ms. S asked Grammie to help her finish her quilt with Ms. A was at camp.  She was determined to finish it with in two weeks so she could take it to her camp.  After many hours and even a very late night where she declared to Grammie “I don’t think God is calling me to be a quilter!!” {oh the laughter}, it was finished.

Ms. S choose all the fabric, cut all the squares, and did all the sewing – by machine this time.  It will be a treasure for years to come, but she would rather stick with sewing dresses than quilts.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you Ms. A’s quilt.