Birthday #14

Another birthday this week. This time our oldest daughter is now 14!  This year will be a year of changes for her as goes off to Honduras for seven weeks in just 35 days!!! She jokes that I’m not going to cry when I drop her off because her and I are A LOT alike and butt heads often.  Not true… trust me I’ll cry.

I am curious how 14 will change in other ways as our homeschool begins to look a little different in the fall.  She is going to go to a co-op one day a week for three classes.  I think it will be great for her. There are other things, all great things, so who knows what I’ll be writing about her in the future.

I pray that she listens for God’s voice as she travels with Teen Missions and that together we follow the path he has set for her, in the fall. We may have our differences at times but I love you dearly. Use that stubborn spirit for good dear child.




Wow… we have a 19 year old in our house today.  How can that be???  This is an exciting time for him as he takes the fire exam next week to officially be a fireman!  He has passed the schools test and loved every moment of class this semester.  Next up is EMT school in the fall and then onto Paramedics.

My dear boy is finding his way in the adult world while learning lessons along the way.  I think it’s harder to be a parent of an adult than a two year old, but I guess each stage feels the hardest, yes?

Happy birthday Mr. J!  Looking forward to what this year has in store for you.

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College Journey Begins

Mr. J has begun his journey towards becoming a Firefighter/EMT.  His first class was last night.  So hard to believe that he is old enough to do begin this journey!

Of course, I had to grab a picture before he headed off.  Luckily he was a good sport and let me!


Happy Birthday Ms. S


I have such a hard time believing that the baby is eleven.  I think we all do.

She remains the fashion forward princess she has been for years.  Her day is not right without the outfit being perfect.  She notices things about dresses and clothes that I would not think of – like how the bodice lays or the way they added something.  If she doesn’t do something in the fashion industry in the future I will be shocked.

She has added ballet to her list of things she does this year.  It fits her so well that I think the violin will be set aside to focus on this.  I’m not sure how I feel about that, but we’ve always allowed our children to lead the way in what areas they want to focus their energy.  Violin was something she started because her best friend does it, but ballet is something she does because she loves it.

Happy birthday to my sweet daughter.  You have a gentle loving spirit that I’m sure God has amazing plans for someday.



After the princess session the girls asked me to retake their picture.  I hung one in their room last year when I revamped it.  We had just as much fun with these pictures as the princess ones.  These are my three favorites.  The girls choose picture #2 to hang on the wall.  I like #1 better, but it is their room!


Beautiful Princess

For trick or treat this year Ms. S was set on being Cinderella.  She also wanted to make her own dress with the help of my Mom. This girl has big dreams.

My mom, of course, granted the wish.  They choose the fabric and Sarah helped as much as she could with the making.  The skirt has three layers plus she has a slip with a hoop to give it even more fullness.  It is everything she dreamed of in the dress and more.

Now this photographer Mama needed pictures.  And I knew of a castle close by me that would make the perfect setting.  One evening we dressed all up and did our hair to head off for pictures.  Ms. A tagged along to help out.  We had so much fun.

Here are a few of my favorites.  The others can be seen on my photography site here.


She looks so regal.4x6-dsc_4664web

And for some fun I added a bird from the movie to this picture.4x6-dsc_4703web