Twin Sisters Falls

My son, Mr. C, loves to go on hikes.  These are not your average hikes however.  He likes to go off the marked trails and really explore.  We’ve learned that if he is coming on a hike with us we should wear mucking boots because we are going to be muddy.


We have a site we use to look up places to go besides our amazing park system.  Waterfalls are one of our favorite things to find and this site has posted many that are not marked on park maps.  One such fall is Twin Sisters.  Twice we’ve driven to the park, found where the “entrance” is only to have me {mom} say NO WAY.  Looks to dangerous. I’ve googled many directions on finding it other ways, tried to understand how people are really getting there and just scratched my head.


But Saturday I knew the falls would be amazing because we had a great rain just two days before.  We had nothing planned so I said let’s go for it especially since Rich was with us to be sure it was a good idea.  You see most people talk about crossing a “stream” to get to the other stream that leads you to the falls.  But this “stream” is actually a canal and, after rain, it is too deep to cross.  {Mr. C tried} The other choice people talk about is best described as a “mountain goat path” on a 60 degree angle hill that if one would slip would lead you to quite possibly falling into the canal. It is almost as long as a football field. It is narrow… super narrow.  You have to do this path at the beginning of the hike and at the end!!!


So with three of our kids with us {Mr. J was at school} we decided to go for it.  Once we passed over this treacherous part the hike was about 30 minutes up the stream – a true stream you could walk in or cross over easily – to find the falls.  I have no pictures of the crazy part because I was focused on staying on the path and being sure the girls stayed on the path.  I told Mr. C to take his GoPro back and do that part again so you can get a better idea of it.  Not me though.


The hike up the stream was amazingly beautiful and peaceful.  The falls were breathtaking and I’ll say worth the scary mountain goat path. They fall about 60-70 feet.

Mr. C hiked to the top of the falls to see what was up there – I circled him in this picture.  I didn’t take my wide lens with me so I had to go way back to get a picture of the height of the falls.


The kids standing at the bottom.  They look so small!


And us after the hike.  So muddy, so wet, a one of us suffered a small injury that bleed like the dickens.  But we felt so accomplished that we had did it.  On to the next hike!



The Truck

Mr. C bought his first car.

He wanted Rich’s Volvo, but it died last month. As in, way more money to fix then either Rich or him wanted to put into the car. But they found a Craigslist buyer with 24 hours who loved it, didn’t care that it was dead, and paid what they were asking.

I think this fits him much better though.  Nice old Dodge Truck.  Stick shift just like he wanted and it has a “jump seat” bench in the cab. I have no idea what year… maybe 96?  Who knows.  Needs a little work but Mr. C loves to do stuff like that.

He took it with us to get the tree so he could carry it back.


Art Project

I posted two pictures from the creation of this project.

It started with the girls wanting to splatter paint on paper.  They laid down garbage bags and went to town.

Then they liked the look of what was on the plastic bags so they took a poster board and pressed it into the paint.  Ms. A thought it looked like two butterfly wings.

So… she added a body and antennas.

I love when they create things on their own.


Christmas Portraits 2015

My 18th year taking pictures in front of the tree on the same wood stool.  Each year it is fun to look back on them and see how they have changed.

Here is this years.  The past years are linked at the end if you want to take a look!

Mr J {17 years old}


Mr. C {15 years old}


Ms. A {12 years old}


Ms. S {9… 10 tomorrow!}


Group picture… hard to squeeze them all in to the space we were using.


And in pairs of two.



Then they wanted to add the dog.


If you’d like to see years past – 1998-2004, 2005-08, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

Another Room Redo

While the girls were at camp last week Rich and I did a makeover on their room.  It really needed it as it was purple with flowers and just not matching who they were anymore.

I wanted something they could grown into so I don’t have to do this again.  I had some great ideas in my head and really hoped it would come through on the walls.  I am happy to say it certainly did and the girls were blown away.

Rich is great and helping me get my vision on the walls… but I think he will veto Chevron stripes again.  That took us almost all day Tuesday to execute.  We love the backdrop it gives to one wall.  On that wall we hung two dresser drawers turned shelves that I painted in one of the accent colors – turquoise, along with an empty frame that the girls could hang Instagram or other photos.  The drawers were from a dresser that was too small for any of the children and the frame a neighbor gave to me long again.  Gotta love free!

We had a third drawer turned shelf that I painted the other accent color – yellow and hung above Ms. S’s dresser.  Ms. A has more books than most girls so she needs quite a bit of storage. I added decorated pieces to them, stuffed animals and a trophy here and there to break up the books.

Above Ms. A’s dresser {which I didn’t take a picture of, but it used to be a less than amazing blue… both dressers I painted the wall color and added shiny silver handles} we hung an antique mirror my neighbor also gave me that I painted yellow and then roughed it up a bit to keep that antique look.  I added a basket with some storage on the dresser for their hair brushes and things that go with that.

On their bed I found the perfect comforter in the dark grey that was stitched in Chervon!  I also found chevron sheets in yellow and gray for both beds {it has a trundle… their room is SUPER small}.  I added turquoise pillow cases I found at, of all places, Kmart, a fluffy pillow, and two that my Mama made for their room with fabrics we picked out.  She is also working on a bolster pillow and then a large yellow pillow for the back middle of the bed.  The owl pillow Ms. A already owned!

Above the bed is three American Girl dolls {which does not creep my girls out} and pictures I took.  I printed 1 Peter 3:3-4 on top of a yellow picture I took a few weeks ago and a picture of the girls I took just before they left for camp.  Then I used modge podge to mount them on a board my husband cut for me and I painted.  The BFF letters we have had for years for something else but I liked them here too.

Finally the door we fixed {it was slightly broken from a few too many slams… *uh-um*}, freshly painted it, and then did chalk board paint on one side and bulletin board on the other side.

I love every aspect of it.  I’m hoping they keep it as clean has they have since Sunday.  The only thing we still would like to do is replace the flooring… but that is for another day when we can do all the upstairs.

Fifty Years


Today my parents celebrate their 50th anniversary!  What a milestone.

They have held to their vows all these years – through richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, and when one was driving the other nuts.  They have provided a great example of a stable, successful, and long lasting love.

Ms. A asked my Mom how she could stay married that long to my Dad….

From their love, two children came – one son, one amazing daughter {hehe}.

Now they are blessed with six grandchildren {two boys, four girls}.

They walk together almost every day {most days 6 miles!} and enjoy a good cup of coffee {my Dad may enjoy much more than one cup of coffee}. What I’ve loved watching as they both “retired” from work was how they have taken on the kitchen duties together.  They are so vastly different in the kitchen – my Dad leaves doors open, uses TONS of paper towels and is kinda crazy when he cooks.  My Mom cleans up as she goes and is just calm in the kitchen.  But somehow they make it happen when they cook together!

Congrats on 50 years.  Praying you have a great day today and many more years to come.