Visiting Cousins

We started our vacation visiting with my husband’s family.  We had a great time visiting and meeting the newest niece and nephew.  Somehow I managed to forget to take pictures of each of the “matching age” cousins before we left.  I do this every year… guess I’ll have to miss a year.

I did, however, get three pictures.  First is Mr. J with his cousin who declared him her new brother.  When she found out we were leaving she cried and said “but they are my favorite cousins”.  She followed him around everywhere and he was her go to helper.

Then we have our Ms. S with the newest Ms. S – she has the same first name as our daughter.  She is 8 months old now and such a cutie.  A little on the shy side which is surprising since she is the youngest of 8 children!

Lastly, our new nephew.  His Dad is Rich’s youngest brother’s son who is 10 months old.  Ms. A fell in love with him.  He was a charmer and loved to snuggle.  I think he is grandchild number 23 if I am counting right {Rich is the oldest of 7 boys}.

Loved catching up with some of my sister in laws and seeing how much their children have grown.  Next up… the beautiful beach in Florida.

Portraits of my Children

Before my boys leave for their seven week summer mission trip with Teen Missions I wanted to take their portraits to update my wall.  They are a year older and my have they changed!

A friend let me use her property – 30 acres of lovely field, barns, and the golden hour.  I had taken portraits for a client here the week before and knew I had to bring my children out.

I have many to go through and am still deciding which ones to use for my wall.  But these are the ones I’ve worked on so far.

Mr. J – 17 and headed to Northern Ireland… it is going to be life changing… but that’s another blog post!

Mr. C – 15 and headed to Vanuatu… he is so excited to get through Boot Camp and head to this small island country.

Now, I have a picture of the girls on that barn wall, but after the boys left the girls and I went in the barn to see the horses.  I had this picture in my head so we gave it a try.  I love them, but I’m not sure they would look good with the boys pictures on the same wall.  What do you think?

Ms. A – 12 and ready to be a 7th grader so she can go to youth group {meanwhile her parents are very much NOT ready for this}.

Ms. S – 9… tell her to strike a pose and these eyes oh my.

Then out to the field we went for a group picture.  I shared this on Facebook already if you follow me there.  I just told them to strike a pose, got some goofy ones, and then got this one.  Really captured each of them.

Next I asked them to come in closer and I looked up from my camera to see this.  Kinda wish Ms. S’s face would be showing, but it still is a picture I love.

And I have to share one more.  This girl LOVES horses.  I captured this just after she walked in the door.  So glad I was ready with my camera!

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is a mile marker birthday for my Mom – but you wouldn’t guess her age if you knew or saw her.  My girls slept over so that they could wake up and wish her a happy birthday this morning.  Then they are going to yoga – or as they are calling it – birthday yoga.  After that I’m sure many adventures await them with her.  Hopefully at some point they will invite us to join the fun!

I am certainly blessed to have her as a Mother.  I have so many wonderful memories of her growing up and it is a true blessing to watch my children form their own memories with her.  She is just as fun now as she was when I was a child.  She takes them on bike rides, for ice cream, shopping, and when she goes to the playground she is the Grammie that is on the play structures playing with her Grandchildren.

Happy birthday Mom! May you day be filled with love and laughter!

 {a picture of her hands from a few years ago}

One Sweet Trade

A few months ago on Instragram I started following an artist who does unique family paintings {@painting_teal}.  I admired them for some time and then asked her how much they cost.

She saw my name was “knit1kids4″ and asked if I would be interested in a swap.  She would paint my family and I could knit a blanket for a boy they are adopting from Haiti.  We discussed it back and forth and decided on a pattern for me to make.  I sent her pictures of us and the two of started on our projects.

You’ve seen a few pictures of the blanket I’m working on… yes, I’m “this close” to finishing.  The Pop Blanket has been great fun to make.  I ran out of white thread and the company I got it from had it on backorder until just recently.  I was a bit nervous that they wouldn’t get it back in stock!  Not I just have to block it one more time and then I can take pictures and mail it off to the lucky owner.  I’ll be sad to see it go!

She finished my painting though.  I received it a few weeks ago.  It is beautiful. Pictures certainly don’t do it justice.

I love the colors, the bible verse, and the unique way she laid it out.

I hung it up but it still needs a frame.  I just couldn’t wait for a frame to have it up.

She does not have a website… just on Instagram {@painting_teal} if you’d like to have a painting made!

Fifteen Today

Mr. C turns 15 today!

Hard to believe that last summer he was in Australia and this summer he is going to Vanuatu.  He matured so much during that time away.  I am loving watching him grow in his relationship with Christ.  Those dimples and curls still get me….

He still dreams of being a “zookeeper” as he has since he was little.  I don’t know where this will take him as we near the time of college in a few years, but I am sure somehow his life will involve animals.

Happy birthday!

Happy 9th Birthday!

I can hardly believe our baby is 9 today!  She is celebrating by having a few friends over for a tea and then play time.  After that we will head to Grammie’s for more partying!

She is such a sweet child with a heart full of love.  Never likes to get people upset, always wanting to please, and knows just what to say to make a person feel loved.  However, she is finally learning how to stand up to a certain person in the house when she doesn’t want to do what that person wants to do.  It’s finding that balance of doing it kindly and standing firm

Happy birthday Ms. S!  Looking forward to celebrating your day with you!