Fifteen Today

Mr. C turns 15 today!

Hard to believe that last summer he was in Australia and this summer he is going to Vanuatu.  He matured so much during that time away.  I am loving watching him grow in his relationship with Christ.  Those dimples and curls still get me….

He still dreams of being a “zookeeper” as he has since he was little.  I don’t know where this will take him as we near the time of college in a few years, but I am sure somehow his life will involve animals.

Happy birthday!

Happy 9th Birthday!

I can hardly believe our baby is 9 today!  She is celebrating by having a few friends over for a tea and then play time.  After that we will head to Grammie’s for more partying!

She is such a sweet child with a heart full of love.  Never likes to get people upset, always wanting to please, and knows just what to say to make a person feel loved.  However, she is finally learning how to stand up to a certain person in the house when she doesn’t want to do what that person wants to do.  It’s finding that balance of doing it kindly and standing firm

Happy birthday Ms. S!  Looking forward to celebrating your day with you!

Christmas Portraits 2014

Another year of portraits on the old stool in front of the tree.

Can someone tell them to stop growing!

Link to the past years at the end of the post if you want to see Christmas Past!

I hope to get one of all of them this week too, just need to find a spot to take it.

Mr J {16 years old}

Mr. C {14 years old}

Ms. A {11 years old}

Ms. S {8… 9 in 5 days!}

If you’d like to see years past – 1998-2004, 2005-08, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013

Free Swimming Fun

I posted two pictures from this day already – the one with Mr. C and the snake and our Party of 4 shot.  It was a spur of the moment idea to go and it turned out great.

This is a spillway off a reservoir not too far from our house.  It is free to swim and I knew, as much as they love creeks, that they would enjoy trying this out.

The water was cold but that didn’t stop them from splashing each other and swimming.  I loved that most of it wasn’t so deep {Ms. S could stand up in it} so I could just enjoy watching them from my beach chair!

The spillway leads into a creek after coming off a small waterfall.  The water at that point hardly comes up to ones calves.

Once they were done swimming they started building something in the sand.

And then Mr. C heard that there was a snake at the point the creek starts so off he went searching. He is the one  under the bridge.  Good day…. great memories.  I’m sure we will go back!

Water Balloons 2014

Every summer we choose a hot Friday and fill as many balloons with water as our fingers can fill.  Then we hide them around the yard and wait for Rich to come home so we can attack him after work.  This year since his oldest son was in town we choose the day he was here.  The more the merrier!

We lured Rich out and away from his car before he grabbed his bag by showing him a bullseye Mr. J made with the arrows.  As soon as he was safely away from his car out came the screaming children throwing balloons.

He realized that there was even a child in the tree house throwing balloons!

As they ran out of balloons they filled the buckets with water…

Not to worry… Ms. S, every year, saves balloons just for her Daddy and brings them to him in the middle of the fight.  The kids all yell traitor and she becomes a target too!

It ends usually with the hose being turned on and everyone being soaked.

Plans for 2015 have already begun….

Long Board

I have been greatly enjoying having all my children home.  So much so that I haven’t shared some pictures from Mr. C’s first week back.  Two days after he got home Rich’s oldest son came into town for a quick visit.  It was great to see him and catch up with all that is going on in his life.

The Goodyear Blimp was up so we took him over to the park to see if we could see it land or go up.  We didn’t see either, but it was out getting ready to be put away.  He enjoyed seeing where it was stored.

We brought along the boy’s remote control truck to play with and the Long Board Mr. C purchased in Florida to try out on the long smooth paths there.

Each boy gave the long board a try… and I do mean each boy…