Spring Portraits

We had a little time between church and going to my Mom’s for Easter dinner Sunday so I thought we would take pictures since they were all dressed up all ready.

Great idea, except we were having a lovely sunny day and finding a shade spot where we went was a little difficult.  Don’t tell the kiddos but I might retake these. ;-)

Again, my Mom did a great job dressing them.  The girls dresses are American Girl and the boys go shopping with Grammie for their clothes.  One of the boys chooses quickly and the other takes FOREVER to decided.  It is quite comical to hear the stories after they get home.

Hair Today ~ Gone Tomorrow

Some of you know that Ms. A got 10″ cut off of her hair Wednesday.  It is something she has been thinking of doing for awhile but she really loves her long hair.

She decided before we take Mr. C to Teen Missions in June should would cut it.  And then this week we were discussion how to do her hair for Easter.  I off-handed suggested she could cut it now and she was in agreement.  I was shocked.

I made the appointment and found out that the 8″ we thought she would have to cut off was actually 10″.  That made her nervous thinking it was going to be shorter than she wanted, but once the hairdresser showed her where it would be at she went with it.

Pony tail was put it and cutting began.


Ms. A wanted layers and the hairdresser did a great job.  Two days later we are still doing double takes but everyone {including her} loves it!

And the after… holding the hair she donated.  Looks so cute!

Christmas Portraits 2013

Another great Christmas in the books.  I think this was the best Christmas ever.  It was laid back, everyone loved their gifts, and we just had a great time of fellowship with each other and my parents.

It is so fun to see how they have changed each year.  This is the one picture I have taken every year since Mr. J’s first Christmas.  Someday I’ll put them in a book…

Mr. J – 15 {and a 1/2 as that is important for him LOL}

Mr. C – 13

Ms. A – 10

Ms. S – four days short of being 8

If you’d like to see years past – 1998-2004, 2005-08, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

Christmas Tree 2013

We had a glorious day for choosing our Christmas tree this year.  The snow was falling gently and while it was cold, it was not too bad.

We tried a new farm and really loved it.  It was huge and had a great selection {along with hot chocolate}.  We got a wagon ride to the fields and after looking at many, many trees found “the one”.

Then we took our pictures in front of it.

And as Rich got down to start sawing it he realized it was not our tree.  The trunk was horribly off center.  So we searched some more and found the one.  Tall and skinny, just like I wanted!

Roasted Marshmallows

I think Ms. S has asked every week of summer to roast marshmallows. But we don’t have a fire pit {little hard in the city} and we had no camping plans.  The only option is the charcoal grill.  This works OK, but it is a bit crowded on our deck and we really do not grill a whole lot.

Finally, though, all the stars aligned and we were able to roast marshmallows after dinner.  Ms. S was so excited!

They all roasted some lovely looking marshmallows.  Of course, I took pictures, so Rich {aka Ward if you have seen him leaving comments under that name}, roasted me one {or a few}.  And I have to say… his face was that red that day… soccer game in blazing sun will do that to a man who works in the office.

Ms. S attempted to roast her own but got Daddy to take over for her.

Hershey had joined us on the deck always curious to see what we are doing.  She was quite interested in what we were doing with her favorite outside toy… sticks.  So interested that she tried grabbing them out of the kids hands while they were roasting.

Ms. A roasted her own {and burned a few too}.  Someday she is not going to be happy that this picture is out there…

Mr. C does a great job.  Takes his time turning them and always came out with the perfect brown on the outside and gooey on the inside.  He gave me one of his ;-)

Mr. J had some issues, but got a few nicely toasted one.  I told him I was going to take his picture and this was the look I got… cracked me up.  Just looks funny to me.

And Hershey… she never got her stick.