Birthday #14

Another birthday this week. This time our oldest daughter is now 14!  This year will be a year of changes for her as goes off to Honduras for seven weeks in just 35 days!!! She jokes that I’m not going to cry when I drop her off because her and I are A LOT alike and butt heads often.  Not true… trust me I’ll cry.

I am curious how 14 will change in other ways as our homeschool begins to look a little different in the fall.  She is going to go to a co-op one day a week for three classes.  I think it will be great for her. There are other things, all great things, so who knows what I’ll be writing about her in the future.

I pray that she listens for God’s voice as she travels with Teen Missions and that together we follow the path he has set for her, in the fall. We may have our differences at times but I love you dearly. Use that stubborn spirit for good dear child.



2 thoughts on “Birthday #14

  1. Happy Birthday to your girl!! She is a beauty!!!
    And you are a great, momma letting her experience teen missions. Those are life changers which I know you already know ❤️😘

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