Twin Sisters Falls

My son, Mr. C, loves to go on hikes.  These are not your average hikes however.  He likes to go off the marked trails and really explore.  We’ve learned that if he is coming on a hike with us we should wear mucking boots because we are going to be muddy.


We have a site we use to look up places to go besides our amazing park system.  Waterfalls are one of our favorite things to find and this site has posted many that are not marked on park maps.  One such fall is Twin Sisters.  Twice we’ve driven to the park, found where the “entrance” is only to have me {mom} say NO WAY.  Looks to dangerous. I’ve googled many directions on finding it other ways, tried to understand how people are really getting there and just scratched my head.


But Saturday I knew the falls would be amazing because we had a great rain just two days before.  We had nothing planned so I said let’s go for it especially since Rich was with us to be sure it was a good idea.  You see most people talk about crossing a “stream” to get to the other stream that leads you to the falls.  But this “stream” is actually a canal and, after rain, it is too deep to cross.  {Mr. C tried} The other choice people talk about is best described as a “mountain goat path” on a 60 degree angle hill that if one would slip would lead you to quite possibly falling into the canal. It is almost as long as a football field. It is narrow… super narrow.  You have to do this path at the beginning of the hike and at the end!!!


So with three of our kids with us {Mr. J was at school} we decided to go for it.  Once we passed over this treacherous part the hike was about 30 minutes up the stream – a true stream you could walk in or cross over easily – to find the falls.  I have no pictures of the crazy part because I was focused on staying on the path and being sure the girls stayed on the path.  I told Mr. C to take his GoPro back and do that part again so you can get a better idea of it.  Not me though.


The hike up the stream was amazingly beautiful and peaceful.  The falls were breathtaking and I’ll say worth the scary mountain goat path. They fall about 60-70 feet.

Mr. C hiked to the top of the falls to see what was up there – I circled him in this picture.  I didn’t take my wide lens with me so I had to go way back to get a picture of the height of the falls.


The kids standing at the bottom.  They look so small!


And us after the hike.  So muddy, so wet, a one of us suffered a small injury that bleed like the dickens.  But we felt so accomplished that we had did it.  On to the next hike!



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