Happy Birthday Ms. S


I have such a hard time believing that the baby is eleven.  I think we all do.

She remains the fashion forward princess she has been for years.  Her day is not right without the outfit being perfect.  She notices things about dresses and clothes that I would not think of – like how the bodice lays or the way they added something.  If she doesn’t do something in the fashion industry in the future I will be shocked.

She has added ballet to her list of things she does this year.  It fits her so well that I think the violin will be set aside to focus on this.  I’m not sure how I feel about that, but we’ve always allowed our children to lead the way in what areas they want to focus their energy.  Violin was something she started because her best friend does it, but ballet is something she does because she loves it.

Happy birthday to my sweet daughter.  You have a gentle loving spirit that I’m sure God has amazing plans for someday.



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Ms. S

  1. I can’t believe it either! So cute!!!! The Violin she did have will help her in life and dance, even if she gives it up. Learning timing, musicality, etc….will only help her.

    Does she sew well?

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