Beautiful Princess

For trick or treat this year Ms. S was set on being Cinderella.  She also wanted to make her own dress with the help of my Mom. This girl has big dreams.

My mom, of course, granted the wish.  They choose the fabric and Sarah helped as much as she could with the making.  The skirt has three layers plus she has a slip with a hoop to give it even more fullness.  It is everything she dreamed of in the dress and more.

Now this photographer Mama needed pictures.  And I knew of a castle close by me that would make the perfect setting.  One evening we dressed all up and did our hair to head off for pictures.  Ms. A tagged along to help out.  We had so much fun.

Here are a few of my favorites.  The others can be seen on my photography site here.


She looks so regal.4x6-dsc_4664web

And for some fun I added a bird from the movie to this picture.4x6-dsc_4703web


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