The Truck

Mr. C bought his first car.

He wanted Rich’s Volvo, but it died last month. As in, way more money to fix then either Rich or him wanted to put into the car. But they found a Craigslist buyer with 24 hours who loved it, didn’t care that it was dead, and paid what they were asking.

I think this fits him much better though.  Nice old Dodge Truck.  Stick shift just like he wanted and it has a “jump seat” bench in the cab. I have no idea what year… maybe 96?  Who knows.  Needs a little work but Mr. C loves to do stuff like that.

He took it with us to get the tree so he could carry it back.



5 thoughts on “The Truck

  1. Nice! My Dad had the same truck, but it was Red/Gold-Tan and had a locking bed cover (like a trunk). He sold it to my Uncle who uses it in his remodeling business…so it’s great to have a LARGE “trunk.” 🙂 I’m giggling at the Volvo. So what is Rich driving now?

    • Rich is currently driving the truck. He is waiting for me to decide what car I want to replace the van with and they he’ll take the van until it dies. I can’t decide though. Do I want third row or do I not. I do NOT want a van though. 16 years + of driving one and I’m ready to move on.

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