Getting the Tree

Hey look… it’s me.  After two long months I’m posting on my blog.

I know… life has been crazy, and I’ve just been uninspired.  I have never not finished my Project 365… oh well.

I’ll catch you up on a few things over the next few posts {shocker, I have a few planned posts too!}

We’ll start more current.  We got our Christmas tree early this year.  Mr. J was heading out of town on our normal weekend.  I only hope I can keep it alive the extra week!

Sadly, the weather was chilly, but no snow.  Not a drop.  More muddy than frozen.  Makes us so sad.  Ms. S managed to hitch a ride on the tree trailer.  Of course she is the only one small enough anymore!


It didn’t take too long to find the one we wanted this year.  We tried a new farm because the price was amazing.  It was way low key and I think we missed the additional things that add to the price of the tree.

The picture with the tree and the kids.  They all must stop growing…


And then the chopping began with each taking their turn from youngest to oldest.





And, of course, the picture of them walking away with the tree.  And no snow.  Maybe next year.



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