Back to School – Senior Year

We start school today!  I’m ready… but it’s going to be a crazy year! Let me introduce my students for 2016-17.

First up is Mr. C.  He has two credits left to finish high school. Hard to believe I’ll have two graduates!

He will be doing:

Latin 2 {his choice} -This is an amazing program. LOVE it!

Pre-Calculus – because this kid is super smart and will totally be able to handle this level.  He has gotten straight A’s in each high school math and NEVER written a problem down.  He does it all in his head and just has a doodle page for the whole year.  Drives me crazy.

He works part time at a local hardware store and volunteers at the Food Pantry all day Tuesday. He also still takes piano lessons and is looking for a Ukulele teacher.

But his biggest plan is going with Teen Missions again in the summer of 2017.  He has chosen Madagascar which is a team that rides motorcycles to the villages to host Sunday School classes and spread the Good News.  Fundraising details to follow.

8x10 DSC_2802


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