Eighteen Years Old

I can hardly believe that my oldest child is 18 today.  Where has the time gone?  He was born after 36 hours of labor {water broke… nothing happened…ended in a c-sec} on Mother’s Day.  What a perfect present.


He was a sweet little one with the blondest hair.  Loved all things tractors – especially John Deere’s when he was younger.  He could spot them a mile away as we drove along the country roads around our home.


He graduated from our homeschool this past October and took some time to work and begin saving money for the next stage of life – becoming an EMT.  Since he was 14 he has worked with the fire station though the Fire Explorers and riding along when they would allow him in our city.  He has seen his share of trauma and has handled it well.


At 11 he started his own business {lawn care} and just last year stepped away to work for a more regular pay check.  He, with his brother, has built a tree house.  He has gone to Northern Ireland.  He has owned two cars paid for in by himself.  We are proud of the young man he is becoming even though the bumps in the road.


Happy Birthday Josh.  May you follow closely to the path God has set before you and seek him daily in the little and big decisions.  We love you!

{Senior pictures taken by me}


4 thoughts on “Eighteen Years Old

  1. These are great pictures! I am just now seeing them for the first time! Congratulations on graduating and turning 18! What an awesome guy you have there.

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