Project 366/52

Manzano Bananas

{so yummy}

4x6 DSC_9624web


5 thoughts on “Project 366/52

    • Are we looking at the SAME image? Those are tins on her kitchen counter. AND those are not “normal” bananas. Click on her link. 🙂 Lastly….that green you are so fond of is actually a chemical they spray on the bananas to keep them yellow as long as possible and then it fades over time and the banana can finally start turning (becoming sweeter, digestible.)

      • I see the tins – but weirdly, when I opened Kristal’s post for the day, TWO images appeared!! There was this one of the bananas and another one of books. Today it is showing the post with just one. My phone doesn’t love WordPress I must say, and sometimes is does funny things…that must have been the issue.

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