Double Digits

While my computer was being brought back to life our youngest turned 10 on December 29th!

I told her she wasn’t allowed but she said it was going to happen “but I’ll always be your baby!”

On her birthday she decided to get her hair cut off.  She has been thinking about it for awhile and a special birthday seemed like a good day for it.  I didn’t realize how short she wanted it but it looks adorable.  EIGHT inches cut off.  I couldn’t believe she had that much! {she wore the dress to the hairdresser too}


On a side note… the dress Ms. S has on she got for Christmas and then found out her best friend got the same exact dress!  I had no idea.  Last week they called each other so they could wear it to church on the same day.  Adorable.


Happy birthday to our stylish ten year old!


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