Teen Missions Update

We are at 10 days and counting until our boys are home from their seven week mission trip.  It has gone so fast and we are looking forward to hearing all about their trips!

We do not get any contact from them personally while they are out of the country.  They can mail us, but I know from Vanuatu it can take three weeks for mail to come.  Maybe this week?  However, the team leaders send updates via email to Teen Missions and they post them for us to keep up with what they are doing.

If you would like to read one or a few, here is the link to Northern Ireland and this will take you to Vanuatu team updates.


I can sum it up a bit.  The Vanuatu team’s job was to build a Kindergarten for one of the tribes.  They were welcomed by the tribal chief in his loin cloth… can’t wait to hear about that from Mr. C.  The tribe was excited that they were chosen to receive the building.  The team has worked hard, and from our last update, they almost completed the project.  It was made harder because the team had to hike up a mountain 30 minutes every day to get to the job site.  They also have to bring all the supplies with them for building.  I’m not sure exactly what this means… I can only hope the cider block was delivered and they mean the cement bags {which would be just as heavy}.  The team brings their own food and, because of Cyclone Pam, it is a good thing.  The island they are on was not hit hard, but their crops did suffer loss so food is scarce.  I can imagine Mr. C will come back with more muscle and skinnier.  His team has gotten to see beautiful waterfalls and visit with the locals but mostly just working.


Meanwhile, Mr. J’s team is in a place where food is the center piece of activities.  Every update includes not only what they did but what they ate, and it is many types of potatoes, fish and chips, and “fizzie” {which is our soda/pop}.  His team has been running “bible schemes”, which are somewhat like VBS, in both the morning and afternoon for the little children.  They also present at local churches on Sunday’s and have met with a youth group.  In their down time they have gotten to visit the Great Causeway {pictured above} and the Titantic Museum. They boys are having completely different experiences.

All the teams begin flying to Florida this week.  Mr. C’s is on Wednesday I think… the time change gets confusing as you translate {or at least for me… they are 15 hours ahead of me}.  Mr. J’s will be on the 7th with both teams landing in Florida on August 8th.  From there they will spend 5 days debriefing, listening to the experiences of other teams and learning how to share their experience back home.  Then they finally fly home on August 13th.


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