Fifty Years


Today my parents celebrate their 50th anniversary!  What a milestone.

They have held to their vows all these years – through richer and poorer, in sickness and in health, and when one was driving the other nuts.  They have provided a great example of a stable, successful, and long lasting love.

Ms. A asked my Mom how she could stay married that long to my Dad….

From their love, two children came – one son, one amazing daughter {hehe}.

Now they are blessed with six grandchildren {two boys, four girls}.

They walk together almost every day {most days 6 miles!} and enjoy a good cup of coffee {my Dad may enjoy much more than one cup of coffee}. What I’ve loved watching as they both “retired” from work was how they have taken on the kitchen duties together.  They are so vastly different in the kitchen – my Dad leaves doors open, uses TONS of paper towels and is kinda crazy when he cooks.  My Mom cleans up as she goes and is just calm in the kitchen.  But somehow they make it happen when they cook together!

Congrats on 50 years.  Praying you have a great day today and many more years to come.


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