Project 365.206

Found this little guy on my tire.  Moved him to a safer place as I don’t think he wanted to go for a ride!

I just googled to see what it was.  A Hickory Tussock Moth…. which could sting and give an itchy burning rash.  I let him crawl on my hand.  Thank goodness he didn’t see me as a threat!


4 thoughts on “Project 365.206

  1. Lovely capture…Tess picked one up last summer that was also a moth (in the making), she had a terrible rash on her hand after, when I googled it, anyone who lets it crawl on them if sensitive would get a rash, it was a gorgeous colour though, Tess called it ‘Rockstar Caterpillar’ due to its colouring ! 🙂

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