Project 365.194

This picture comes with a story.

My husband surprised me with tickets to fly to see the boys at the commissioning ceremony on Saturday.  It was an amazing day and the boys were so surprised!  We were able to sneak up on both of them.  Such big long hugs we were given.  They were so thrilled we made the trip.

We spent from about 2 until 10:30 bouncing between both teams visiting.  They have bonded well and were excited to get to their countries.  The Vanuatu team left for the airport as soon as commissioning was over {which was amazing to be at}.  Northern Ireland leaves today at 4:30.  Mr. C’s team will be 15 hours ahead of our time and Mr. J will be 5 hours ahead.

Mr. C asked if we could come to the airport Sunday morning to see him one more time.  Rich and I woke up at 4am to spend just over an hour with them.  It was an exhausting weekend but we were all blessed getting to see each other one more time.  Now the countdown to August 13th begins {and watching their planes fly to their destinations through flight}!

This was taken after their “bucket” shower and dressed in their travel outfit.


8 thoughts on “Project 365.194

  1. I love this! and I love that the boys get to experience these trips. So awesome for them.
    Is Mr. C a senior this year?
    I also love the story you put on facebook about the parent taking the team to In n Out. So awesome. Have a blessed summer!

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