Teen Missions: Drop Off

A week ago tomorrow we dropped our two teen boys off at Teen Missions to begin their summer mission trip.  It was so hot in Florida and you are required to wear pants on their property.  I can say that after the hour we were there I do not know how the boys make it every day for two weeks like that!  This is them before we entered.  All fresh and clean…

Once you get their you check in and each boy had to get a wheel barrow to get their stuff to “Big Top #1”.  Just follow the yellow line and stay to the right!  Mr. C told about what different things were that we could see as we walked along from his memory of last year.

Next up you go to your team and to the first part of check in with your leaders.  One of Mr. C’s leaders from last year is a leader on his team this year and has stopped by our house a few times in the last year {he is a truck driver}.  We spotted him and started the process with Mr. C.  Rich and Mr. J had met one of his leaders at Winter Jam when they helped at the concert.  It was nice to meet him.  After this the teens go through a checkpoint to turn in different forms, tools they donate, check their boots, and get items they will need for the summer that Teen Mission provides.  Picture is in black and white because the big top reflects red so horrible that I can’t get the white balance correct quick enough.

This is a picture of an “eating” site.  Each team has their own and it is where they eat all their meals during the two week boot camp.

Here we had to split up.  Rich and Ms. A went with Mr. C to his camp site and Ms. S and I went with Mr. J to his tent site.  It was not a dry walk… we had to trudge through a big puddle that my feet sank into and got soaked.  On the walk back I carried Ms. S so she didn’t get so wet.  Rich said Mr. C’s site had lots of water.  It is pretty swampy…

This is Mr. J’s tent {and one of his leaders}.  He put his stuff in and we walked back to Big Top.  Mr. C’s team had kitchen duty so he had to go.  I was not ready to say goodbye {would I ever be though?} but we did.  I cried a moment and got it back under control.

During boot camp we get to see pictures of them on the Facebook page and each night we can watch the evening rally {like a worship service} live on Youtube.  It is nice to see them.  They look hot but happy.  One more week and they will be allowed to call us before they leave the country.  Then four weeks of just weekly updates through Teen Missions of the team in general.  I can’t wait to hear all the details!


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