Visiting Cousins

We started our vacation visiting with my husband’s family.  We had a great time visiting and meeting the newest niece and nephew.  Somehow I managed to forget to take pictures of each of the “matching age” cousins before we left.  I do this every year… guess I’ll have to miss a year.

I did, however, get three pictures.  First is Mr. J with his cousin who declared him her new brother.  When she found out we were leaving she cried and said “but they are my favorite cousins”.  She followed him around everywhere and he was her go to helper.

Then we have our Ms. S with the newest Ms. S – she has the same first name as our daughter.  She is 8 months old now and such a cutie.  A little on the shy side which is surprising since she is the youngest of 8 children!

Lastly, our new nephew.  His Dad is Rich’s youngest brother’s son who is 10 months old.  Ms. A fell in love with him.  He was a charmer and loved to snuggle.  I think he is grandchild number 23 if I am counting right {Rich is the oldest of 7 boys}.

Loved catching up with some of my sister in laws and seeing how much their children have grown.  Next up… the beautiful beach in Florida.


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