Surprise Anniversary.

Goodness… my husband and I are two peas in a pod.  I got on Facebook yesterday morning and Facebook nicely wished my husband and I a Happy Anniversary.  Neither I, nor my husband, had remembered.  We are so focused on getting the boys ready for their trip that it slipped our minds.

Oh well… 19 years and love him more each day.  We wished each other happy anniversary and moved on with the days plans… work for him, VBS for me and the kiddos.

And then he came home from work with a surprise.  He called the place that made our wedding cake when he got to work and had them set aside a cake for us!  It was a cassata cake.  Ours was chocolate on our wedding day, but this one was yellow because you have to special order chocolate.  This cake is layered with custard and a strawberry filling with a whipped cream icing.

I handed my son the camera to get a picture of us together with it.  Here’s to many more years together.


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