Running Spree

One crazy day about a month ago I agreed to be a part of a relay team for our cities Marathon in September.  I have to run a 10k {or 6.2 miles}.  I’m not sure what possessed me, but it has kept me motivated as I started running again a few weeks before I said yes.

When I agreed to it I downloaded a zenlabs app kind of like a couch to 10K program.  It is a nice way to work up to the whole distance and will get me there in plenty of weeks before the race.

That leads me to this post.  Our local awesome park system has a hiking and biking running spree.  You do so many trails listed for that year and get an award at the end.  We’ve done them many times {but I’ve never gotten the patch because I tend to forget}.  This year they added a running spree to help the marathon runners train.  I was so excited as it started June 1st and you had to only do 6 trails.

So I asked Mr. C if he would do them with me as I don’t like running trails alone.  He agreed and ran “a bit” in May so he could keep up with me {whatever, he is very athletic so this was easy for him}.  We decided that we could run all six in two weeks doing three a week.  This way we could be done before he left for Teen Missions.

The list came out and it wasn’t an easy list to choose from for the runs.  They had three or four that were under 2 miles and then they jumped up to 3.2 and 4.0 miles.  Hmm… I was only running about 2 miles on June 1st.  We decided to do it anyways, follow the 10K program and then do our own run/walk intervals if we still had trail to go and the program was over.

I took an Instagram picture after each run.  Thankfully I got better at taking selfies as we went {or “healthies as my daughter calls them}.

Trail #1 – 1.2 miles… and it was COLD.  I wore a jacket and we had the heat on in the car on the way to the trail!  It was also super muddy after a weekend of heavy storms.  My boy slipped and almost took out me and himself but managed to keep on his feet!  We actually had to loop back to finish the 10K program.

Trail #2 – 1.6 miles… warmer morning, not so wet.

Trail #3 – 1.8 miles… still warmer, and this had a hill on it that we had to run up on our toes it was so steep! {yes, my son wears five finger shoes… he loves them}

Week 2, Trail #4 – 3.2 miles.  This trail is actually only 1.8 miles, but they had us run it twice.  Had a nice slow grade hill on it and the day was more humid than the week before.  This trail is also about 90% sun so we ran it early to keep the heat down.

Trail #5 – 3.6 miles – had to run it three times to get the distance they wanted.  Passed the same walking couple at least 6 times!  It was mostly shaded but we had to do this run in the late afternoon so it was humid and the sun spots were HOT.  Even if we didn’t have to because of the app, we ran through the sun spots so as not be out in them long.  We did this trail the day after trail #4 instead of taking a day off because my boy was going to be gone all day on Wednesday.  I think that made it harder too. {Mr. C liked this picture because he was standing on higher ground and looked so much taller than me}.

Trail #6 – 4.0 miles of pure torture.  It was super humid and we started at 8am.  When we would stop running we would be attacked by bugs so we ran more than we walked – but were able to run almost two miles without stopping… that is saying a lot in that humidity.  Sweat was dripping off of us and my face was beat red at the end {Instagram filter helped me look fresher LOL}.

As soon as we finished we went and got our medal.  I was so excited to have set a goal and completed.  It was fun to do with Mr. C and have those memories with him.  Hoping they have one in the fall so we can do it again!


8 thoughts on “Running Spree

  1. I am very proud of you and Mr. C.! Congratulations! I love how you ran together and have a journal (pictures too) of your precious time together. 💗

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