Portraits of my Children

Before my boys leave for their seven week summer mission trip with Teen Missions I wanted to take their portraits to update my wall.  They are a year older and my have they changed!

A friend let me use her property – 30 acres of lovely field, barns, and the golden hour.  I had taken portraits for a client here the week before and knew I had to bring my children out.

I have many to go through and am still deciding which ones to use for my wall.  But these are the ones I’ve worked on so far.

Mr. J – 17 and headed to Northern Ireland… it is going to be life changing… but that’s another blog post!

Mr. C – 15 and headed to Vanuatu… he is so excited to get through Boot Camp and head to this small island country.

Now, I have a picture of the girls on that barn wall, but after the boys left the girls and I went in the barn to see the horses.  I had this picture in my head so we gave it a try.  I love them, but I’m not sure they would look good with the boys pictures on the same wall.  What do you think?

Ms. A – 12 and ready to be a 7th grader so she can go to youth group {meanwhile her parents are very much NOT ready for this}.

Ms. S – 9… tell her to strike a pose and these eyes oh my.

Then out to the field we went for a group picture.  I shared this on Facebook already if you follow me there.  I just told them to strike a pose, got some goofy ones, and then got this one.  Really captured each of them.

Next I asked them to come in closer and I looked up from my camera to see this.  Kinda wish Ms. S’s face would be showing, but it still is a picture I love.

And I have to share one more.  This girl LOVES horses.  I captured this just after she walked in the door.  So glad I was ready with my camera!


8 thoughts on “Portraits of my Children

  1. I love the barn door pictures with the girls, I think they’d look fine on the wall with the boys pictures. Great job, I always enjoy tagging along and watching you work!

  2. Love these! I would definitely hang the barn door pics of the girls with those two of the boys. Maybe hang them diagonally (A & C above and then J & S below)? What a beautiful photo of Ms. S! She definitely has your eyes!

  3. These are all stunning! I couldn’t believe Miss. S was only 9 until I saw her next to all her siblings! I think they would all work well together on the same wall, since they all have a bit of the white wood in them.

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