Playing with Light

I am slowly, ever so slowly, teaching myself how to work my flash.  It is just another thing to wrap my brain around so I can use this tool efficiently in my business.

I asked Ms. S to sit for me for a few shots to try it out on a human {instead of objects around the house}.  Thought I’d share with you what I got.

These were taken in our “solarium” or school room as we use it.  Wall of windows, overcast day.  I kept my settings the same for each picture – f 3.2, SS 40, ISO 400.

First, one with no flash and a reflector sitting on her lap.

Second, I put the reflector to my left {windows were on my right}.  More even lighting, but still dark.

Finally I used the flash.  It is pointed at the ceiling.  Not dark, catchlights in eyes and lighting is even on both sides of her face.  Still a work in progress… but I’m getting it.


7 thoughts on “Playing with Light

  1. Flash is tough! I bought one a year ago, took a course, and then didn’t use it so have to re-learn. But it does do so much to shots using flash. Look forward to seeing your progress with it. I know you will get awesome at using flash!!

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