Pop Blanket Complete

I’ve made many things in my years of knitting.  I’ve made socks, sweaters, blankets, purses and other things.  My favorite is certainly the Ella Coats for my daughters.

This blanket now holds the second place firmly in my favorites.  Angelina {@painting_teal} and I searched through many blanket patterns before we decided on the Pop Blanket.  Then we searched for colors that she loved.  I was excited as they started coming in and I could get knitting!

I had to make 54 squares – 9 of each color.  I loved the squares because I could take the project anywhere once I got it memorized.  I had my husband build me a blocking square so that I could block them as I went along and I would be assured they were all the same size.


Once they were all done and blocked I had to figure out the pattern to put them together.  Then the part that I wasn’t sure about – crocheting them together.  Crocheting is not my thing so I watched a few videos and started out.  Wasn’t as hard as I thought!  I only made one mistake {attached the wrong color in a row… easily fixed}.  Then added a crochet border.


Finally time for the final blocking and pictures!

The colors all look so nice together.  I’m not “in love” with the greenish one… but it works with the other colors she picked out.

It is almost twin size.  I would love to make it again for my own household using a variegated yarn.  That is what the pattern maker used and I love how her’s looks.

I’ll be sad to mail it off, but I know she is going to love it.  How special to be made for a little boy they are adopting!


8 thoughts on “Pop Blanket Complete

  1. I am beyond words, that is absolutely gorgeous and you are so incredibly talented. I am sure the family will be so thrilled with this, I know I still have the one that was made by my neighbour for my daughter when she was born almost 23 years ago.

  2. You are incredibly talented. This blanket is absolutely gorgeous. The green is actually my favourite. I think if I was to receive this blanket, these would be the perfect colours. This is awesome. I love your shot of the blocking square, and the close up focussing on the blue and pink squares. Awesome!

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