Project 365.151

Last day of yellow.  This is a vintage tray a friend who likes to shop flea markets gave me.  Fit perfectly for decoration in my kitchen!

I will not be doing a color of the month for June for two reasons.  First, the color of the meme I’m following is gray and that is not something I want to spend looking for in a summer month full of much more exciting colors.  Second, I need a break from looking for colors and just shoot my every day sightings.  But I’ll be back at in July.


10 thoughts on “Project 365.151

  1. I remember when Tracy did that black and white year! Wow!
    I was wondering how to do grey? Maybe I will just try to catch up on my 365…
    : )

    • I know… I think it would be a hard color to find 30 things of for the month!

      I remember Tracy doing that. It was cool in the beginning but I know it was hard for her as it went on and on and on!

      On Mon, Jun 1, 2015 at 8:44 PM, Knit1Kids4 wrote:


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