A Present to Treasure

Before Ms. A’s birthday my Mom told her “it would be the best birthday ever.”  Now my Mom is the amazing at picking out the best gifts.  Each of my children look forward to seeing what treasure she has found for them as they know it will be unique.  We all took guesses what it could be.

On her birthday we headed to her house for birthday donuts and gift opening. Not one of us guessed correctly.

Here is what Ms. A found in the gift bag.

You can see she was quite surprised and in love.

It was a quilt… which my Mom, although an amazing seamstress, has never made.  The fabric is s’mores, marshmallows, and then a swirly looking chocolate one.  Ms. A loves s’mores and for camp last year made a pillow case with that same fabric to take and have her camp mates sign.

On one side the pattern is squares.

The other side is a row of the squares in the midst of the s’more fabric.

The quilt is hand stitched together over many months.  She said she would work on it until her finger could no longer take the pricks although after a while she formed a callus which helped a bit.  They are the perfect stitches.  I don’t think I’d have the patience for that!

Months of prayers for my girl were poured into this blanket as she stitched it.  The border is an amazing cloud like design that she used a quilt template for to draw the pattern on and then follow it with stitches.

The finishing touch was a message of love by the person who made it.

Truly this will be a treasure for years.  Ms. A loves it and the other three children have put in their orders for one for each of them!


8 thoughts on “A Present to Treasure

  1. I hope I live long enough to bless my grandchildren the way your mother blesses hers! And, of course, I hope I have some grandchildren to bless! Such a wonderful, thoughtful gift.

  2. I come from a long line of quilters so I know how much time and effort went into this very special gift. I didn’t have a store bought blanket until about 10 years ago. My grandmother and mother always made quilts for our beds. They were used and washed regularly so they eventually have all worn out but I have the last one my mom made that hangs on a quilt rack my husband made for it and that is one I will pass on. Very awesome.

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