Mother’s Day Gift

I was so busy last week I didn’t get to take a picture of my wonderful Mother’s Day gift.  I was truly blown away.

First they had me open a box.  Inside it was a digital frame to showcase my pictures.  I haven’t set it up yet as I need to get a thumb drive to put the pictures on it.  You’d think we would have those in the house, but those little things tend to go missing.

They had some pictures on it to show me and then a slide came up that told me to look at a text I got on my phone.

The text told me I had to search for my other present and gave me some directions.  I found it and was blessed to receive a Mother’s Ring.  The design they picked out was so perfect.

You’ll notice that two are the same because I have two born in May.  Then the two blue look the same, but they are a little different.  March and December birthstones are very similar so it’s hard to tell a difference.  My birthstone is in the middle {January}.

Just beautiful and something I will treasure for my lifetime.


6 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Gift

  1. Oh that is beautiful! I love how the colours worked out too. I’m not one for jewelery, but I’ve always wanted something like this with all my kid(s) on it, although I have to wait since we’re not done yet. Such a perfect gift!

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