Birthday Number 12

Last birthday for a few months in our family.  My third child turns twelve today!  Hard to believe that she moves into 7th grade!  Time is flying much too quickly.

Ms. A loves horses, playing the flute, working with young children and learning sign language.  She is not quite sure yet what she wants to do in the future but thinks maybe something with little ones or a librarian.  Of all the things I listed, reading is something she does all the time. Nice to finally have a child who loves to read like me!

This year brings many changes as she graduates from Awana and moves into youth group at church.  I am not ready for that one bit nor are her brothers!  She hopes to start volunteering at a local horse farm this summer that works with children with special needs.

She is the daughter I prayed for and the sister my oldest son prayed for too.  She challenges us as parents but under that we know there is a sweet young lady ready to blossom.

Happy birthday Ms. A!

4x6 DSC_1620web


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