Of Mother’s Day and Birthday’s

Today, which was Mother’s Day 17 years ago also, is my first born son’s birthday!  We always love it when it falls together every few years.  Last time it did so we ran a 5K together in the morning before heading to church.  This year we aren’t doing that although I did try to talk him into it.

Mr. J is our dreamer.  He owned his first business at the age of 11 {lawn mowing that he still runs today} and now is considering taking on a new business.  He is weighing his options and taking his time to be sure it would be wise and a good fit for him.

He is also our most social child.  He wouldn’t give up being homeschooled, but he loves to hang out with friends.  Always wanting to be “somewhere”.

Mr. J still has his sights set on working for the Fire Department and is slowly working towards that goal and getting his “ducks in order”.  He will graduate from high school by December of this year and is excited to do so early.

I can hardly believe my first born is 17… time flies.  Still my blond haired, blue eyed boy… just older.

Happy birthday son!  I look forward to what this year brings you as you head to Northern Ireland and continue your journey towards become a fireman.

{Happy Mother’s Day to my readers!}

4x6 DSC_1522web


6 thoughts on “Of Mother’s Day and Birthday’s

  1. Happy Mother’s Day to you! And happy birthday to your son. What a beautiful portrait. My daughter was born the day before Mother’s Day and last year, her first birthday, was on Mother’s Day. It is such a special day to share with her. Glad it was someone else’s turn to relish in that joy this year!

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