Teen Missions – 65 Days!


Just over two months until we drop our boys off at Teen Missions.  It is coming up fast and we are closing in on reaching their fundraising goal.  As of this writing they have about $1500 to raise.  A drop in the bucket when started with a total of about $10,000!

We received their team list and final details this week.  We were surprised to see that Mr. C has 23 people on his team as we thought it would be a small team {he is going to Vanuatu}.  Mr. J, who’s team we thought would be large because they closed it, only has 22 on it {he is going to Northern Ireland}.  Nice to “see” in the pictures who the students are and have names to pray for over the coming weeks.

4x6 DSC_0755web

The boys have a few local jobs lined up to earn funds – from mowing to laying a new paver path to power washing a house.  Both even have a few babysitting jobs which has kept them on their toes!  My parents are also hosting a yard sale for them next month… that should be fun!

Along with this we started a fundraiser with Pepperoni Rolls this week.  They are delicious and made by a small company that does this for fundraisers.  We have a small competition going on between us to see who can sell the most {I’m in the lead currently – go Mom!}. It is a pre-order, so we will pick them up freshly made for us ready to eat or freezer for later.


Last night at youth group the boys also found out that one of the bible study groups that meets at our local public school is going to do a fundraiser for them next month.  I thought that was amazing that they choose our boys to raise money for since they are homeschooled.  Mr. J has gone to the group a few times and some of them know my other boy from a big youth conference our church hosts, but otherwise they are kind of strangers.  God is good!


2 thoughts on “Teen Missions – 65 Days!

  1. Amazing! I hope to donate before they go, but if I don’t make it before they leave (with all the craziness this spring)…know that they will be PRAYED for!

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