Zoo in March

As I said on Sunday we went to the zoo for Mr. C’s birthday.  I took a few pictures but also just enjoyed walking around with the family.

It was a pretty day – in the 40’s but felt warm after enduring below zero days for so long.  The sun was shining and the zoo was pretty empty.  Perfect because than you can just stand and watch the animals as long as you want.

We always start in the Rainforest and I’ve shown you a few animals from there.  These monkeys are in there and fun to watch.  This gentleman came up to the glass to see what we were doing while keeping an eye on his “women” back in the corner with their babies.

The orangutans are also fun to watch.  They had just given them food in burlap bags and one of them put it on his head looking for more.  But the cool part was a mama with her baby just sitting in her “nest”.  The volunteer said she has not let the baby go in 4 months.  She sure did look tired!

Then we headed to the main zoo and were welcomed by the Flamingos at the entrance.  They are so beautiful to watch and seemed to be enjoying that warm sunshine.

Next up was the elephant house.  My husband hadn’t seen it since they remodeled it.  It is an amazing exhibit although a  little stinky.

This girl and another one were playing through the gate.  They would stick their trunks through the bars and touch each other and then bang their bodies or heads against it.  Then one of them would walk to the opening a few feet in front of them and look at each other and go back to the game.  They did this until the male came in.  Both elephants moved on when he walked through…

After that we went up to see the more monkeys.  The kiddos were STARVING so we headed out for lunch.  Great day!


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