Final Kitchen Remodel Update

Well… at least I think.  Because the first time I told you about the kitchen I certainly did think that we would later take down a wall and end up taking almost 5 years to get it done.  Goodness.

But we are so happy with all the things we did and the details we added as we went on though the project.

For those that missed the beginning – it all started with a dishwasher.  I didn’t have one and with a family of six I was getting tired of washing dishes ALL THE TIME.  I found a great priced one on Craigslist and the project began.  You see, because of how the dishwasher fit in the space we had to get a new counter top {thank goodness, the old one was HIDEOUS}.  Since we had to run electrical for the dishwasher my lovely husband also have me more plugs in the kitchen.  Originally I had ONE and it was awkwardly above the stove.

Over time we have replaced all the drywall {which meant taking down the plaster and lath because the house is 100 years old}, put more lights in the ceiling, and a much needed ceiling fan {no A/C at my house}.  Then we, or rather, I thought we should just take down part of the wall between the kitchen and dining room.  The kitchen was small and very cramped getting to the basement.  So one week in January my boys and hubby took down the wall and the project time was lengthened as we fixed the walls and had to remake the door molding to match the rest of the house.

Along the way we decided to add a door to the basement.  This was a great idea as it has helped keep the cold basement air from coming up, and makes the kitchen look much nicer.  We found the door at one of those shops that reclaims things from homes being taken down so it matches our other doors perfectly – even the door knob does!

It took us the longest to pick a counter top for the added peninsula {we went with butcher block} and a floor.  The base of the peninsula we picked up at some weird overpacked furniture store not long after we moved in to the house for more cabinet space.  The handles on it perfectly match the ones in the built in that is in the dining room.  I am still on the fence about the color I choose for the upper cabinets.  I like it but I think I still would like it a little toned down.  The stools in front of the peninsula are old science lap stools that I added a cushion top to – the kids love these!

The stool in the corner a friend gave me when she was cleaning out her vintage finds.  A perfect match.  We have lots of antiques on the shelves and above the top cabinets that we’ve collected over the years {or recently}.  There are still a few tiny finishing touches to do and I still would really love to replace the window above the sink {old as the house and opens into the kitchen blocking my countertop usage}.

4x6 DSC_0301web

So there you go… a peek in my kitchen.  Next projects: a cool light fixture for the dining room, maybe making a new dining table out of old wood, and then we are going to start saving up to remodel the bathroom.  But I won’t let him start that last one until we have everything we need as we only have one other bathroom and it is in the basement where no girl wants to go.


9 thoughts on “Final Kitchen Remodel Update

  1. Wow, these are fantastic and what an adventure ! I’m guessing you are not planning on moving any time soon ! 🙂
    Love home renovation projects, we started with ripping out floors but got derailed withthe little ones health, now we have condensation in the loft with no idea why, guess we are getting back on track before all our ceilings need replacing !!
    Love your shots, looking forward to seeing more of your home !

  2. It is beautiful! I’d love to open the wall between our dining room and kitchen. I’m afraid it will take away from the age of our house (almost 100), but yours looks fantastic. So now I’m rethinking. Doug will be so happy I looked at your blog today 😉

    • The pads. We cut a piece of wood that fit inside the inner circle on the stool as it had holes that we could use to attach the wood. Then we glued padding to the wood and stapled fabric to the wood. From underneath Rich attached the wood to the stool through the holes that were already there.

      On Wed, Mar 18, 2015 at 12:43 PM, Knit1Kids4 wrote:


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