Party of 4 ~ 2015.1

So I missed January.  And I took this on March 1st.  But I’m going to count it has my February picture and take another one later in the month.  For my new readers, I’ve been doing this for a few years.  I used to do it once a week but my children, as much as they like to humor my camera and I, were getting tired of it.  So we moved to once a month.

This is the first picture I took for it… back in 2011!  My they have grown in 4 years {and so have I in my photography!}

And this was on Sunday during, what we hope, was our last snow storm.  Even us snow lovers are ready for spring!  The girls made a snow fort under the bush with the help of their Dad and the boys came out after awhile to help out and have a snowball fight.  Times like this are fleeting… glad we embraced it and set aside the house work that needed down.

4x6 DSC_0173web


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