Ten on Tuesday

Look I can type and not just share pictures.

  1. We have had an extremely cold February this year.  We keep setting new low records… what a thrill.  Windchill’s at -25 and “highs” of -5.  CRAZY!
  2. The cold has not been without snow which has allowed our oldest son to make some cash snow blowing.  He has 5-7 clients depending on who decides they need their drives cleared.IMG_20150221_133947
  3. Mr. C has decided to try and learn to play the saxophone.  He is keeping up with his piano, but wanted to give this a try.  Should be interesting.
  4. Ms. A is doing just lovely on her flute.  It sounds so beautiful when she plays.
  5. Mr. J got his first car.  It’s good enough to get him from here to there, not his dream car, but a good first one to get him to work and the fire station.  I’d share a picture of it, but well, it’s covered in snow.  It is a Chevy Blazer.
  6. I’ve been knitting – a baby sweater and hat for a friend’s new grand baby.  Next up is a blanket I’m swapping for art work.
  7. I’ve been working out with my Mom on Wednesday and Fridays.  It is like a boot camp class so lots of different exercises and really working those muscles.  I’ve lost over 6 lbs {watching my calories and working out at home too}.  I got a fitbit too and love it.  Really keeps me motivated to move more!IMG_20150211_111848
  8. Hmm… I should say something about Ms. S… loves her dresses, can’t have enough of them, and she is finding her spunk and standing up for herself more with her older sister.  Working on how to best do that with kindness and love.
  9. Homeschooling continues.  Mr. J is trying hard to graduate this year.  He should be able to do it, maybe not by June, but soon after he gets back from his time with Teen Missions.IMG_20150205_092903
  10. My photography business is slow during the winter, but I did get to take one year pictures of a cutie I’ve been shooting since she was born.  {you can see them here}  I’m ready for spring and more business!

4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. LOL on the heading. Sax? WOW! So cool. Good luck with that reed. I could never get it, but Fireman finally did on the clarinet. ICK on all the snow and cold, but you know that….and LOVE those glasses miss priss has one. Graduate! YEAH, but Why the time frame?

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