New Pet #2

Last week I told you about New Pet #1.  He is still doing fine… just keep swimming!

Now I can tell you about Mr. C’s new pet.  Ever since he came home from Teen Missions Australia he has wanted a turtle.  He caught a few Box Turtles in Florida and just loved them.  However, he went back and forth thinking he’d rather bred our bearded dragon as a business.  He was blessed with some Christmas money and decided to go to a local reptile show to purchase something, what he still wasn’t sure.

And then, on my birthday, we had to stop at a pet store to get some food for Moses {bearded dragon}.  We are usually very against buying reptiles at pet stores as they sell them much too young and they are not usually healthy.  Now, I know that is a broad generalization because I’m sure there are some great places out there, but mostly not.


Mr. C saw they had a Russian Tortoise for sale at a really great price.  We looked it over and it looked very healthy {yep, we are that family that knows enough to know what to look for in reptiles}.  It was also very friendly and not scared.

So he bought it.  Just like that.  Happy birthday Mom!

It’s name is Boris {a Russian name} and the boys spent two days building a custom cage for it in their room.  He is a fast little thing.  He loves to room the room and has tried a few times to cuddle with the cat.  The cat is not to sure about that and just stares at it when it is out of the cage.

As a side note – it is VERY difficult to take a picture of Boris.  He likes to just keep moving and FAST.


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