New Pet #1

Ms. S had some Christmas money she was trying to decided how to use.  She was going to buy a dress or two {her favorite thing to wear almost all the time}.  Suddenly though the tables were turned and she decided {um cried} that she since she was the ONLY one without a pet in the house {I guess the dog and cat don’t count} and she needed a pet.

Now she dreamed big.

It started with a bird.

“Nope” said Mom and Dad.

Then a rodent of some sort {a gerbil maybe?}.

“Nope” said Mom and Dad.

“How about a fish” we suggested.

Oh my NO, that would not do.

And then she thought a little more and now she is the proud of owner of this beauty.

Introducing Sunshine.

Details on New Pet #2 coming soon!


6 thoughts on “New Pet #1

  1. Well at least Sunshine is a neutral name and won’t shame a boy…unlike Ladybug who named her male Beta Penelope because he was purple! UGH! I told her this better not be a picture of my future grandson’s being named! LOL

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  3. Wow! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a yellow beta. I had betas when I was in high school. One day I came home and found an empty fish bowl. I found him all dried out on the floor. 😦

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