Wizzy Gizmo Review

Wow… I haven’t written a review in some time.  I love trying new things though so I decided to jump on the bandwagon with Home & School Mosaics.


I love the name of the company – Wizzy Gizmo.  So fun to say and their products are just as fun to use.  I received the Fast Track Bible Pack for my review.  The  twenty-seven card set are packed with information for my children to learn more about each book of the New Testament which you could add to their devotions each day.  I love that they are a thick card stock that will stand up to using over time.


Each card has two sides.  On the front is a summary of the book and a key verse.  It also tells the reader how many chapters are in the book, the author, and the date it was written.  As Wizzy Gizmo says on their website “it gives them a birds eye view” of the book. For younger children this would give them great information as they begin to learn about the Bible.  Wizzy Gizmo suggests reading the front of the card of one book of the bible every day for a week and memorizing the key verse {all Bible verses are taken from the New American Standard}.

4x6 DSC_7730web

The back of the card goes in depth.  They broke it down into a few categories:

  • Outline
  • Key Chapters
  • Key Passages
  • Key Doctrines
  • Key People

I think it would be a great tool as you read through the book of the Bible.  You and your children would understand more of what you are reading and you could discuss why they choose what they did to fill those above categories.  My children are reading though the Bible this year and as we get to these books this will be helpful as we discuss what we read.  It will only further help cement what they are reading and help them understand what is going on in that book.

4x6 DSC_7732web

Wizzy Gizmo has audio dramas and books.  My girls loved listening the samples of the audio drama on the website and I think it would be great to have in the car for road trips!  My book loving daughter was curious if the books were as good as the drama.  Might have get that for a present this year.

If you are looking for something to add to your Bible study curriculum I would suggest these cards.  They are well thought out, have lots of great information on them, and best yet, my children loved them so I know your’s will too!

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