Teen Missions 2015


Yes, it is happening again…. but not ONE boy!  Two boys are going with Teen Missions next year.  What will I do with no teen boys in the house???

Mr. C really felt God tugging at his heart to go again this year when he was at Debrief.  I gave him a few weeks to be home and really think about the idea.  Not that I was against it, I just wanted him to be sure of the decision.

He is going to Vanuatu which is a jungle island nation in the South Pacific.  His team will work specifically on Pentecost Island in the village of Lonoroe.  The will work on renovating the Ranmawot Health Center.  On the weekends they will hike to other remote villages to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Mr. C choose this one as he wanted to go somewhere remote and not like America… I think he has found it!


Mr. J decided he wanted to go next year too, but did not want to go on the same team as his brother.  He looked at all the choices and debated back and forth.  In the end he decided on Northern Ireland.  This team will be based in Belfast.  The will be entirely an evangelistic team helping run neighborhood “Summer Schemes” {what we would call VBS} for the local children.  They, along with Mr. C’s team, will also do some sight seeing in their own countries before heading back to the states.

N Ireland map

Their adventure begins June 27th and they return home August 13th.  Mr. J needs to raise $3800 and Mr. C needs to raise $5200 {both numbers subject to change due to flight costs… last year they went down}.

If you would like to donate to their mission trip you can visit Teen Mission’s Donate page and note one of their names in the comment.  I am happy to mail you a support letter if you would rather donate through the mail, just let me know.  If you are local they are happy to work for donations.  Contact one of us and we can work out the details!  Of course, we welcome prayer over the coming months as they work towards their goal and prepare to go on their trips.


6 thoughts on “Teen Missions 2015

  1. Awesome!!! So is the culture of Mr. C’s like the Kiwi’s or more like Fiji/South Pacific?
    Ireland is beautiful, Beth’s daughter went there for a Mission Trip this summer.

    • I would think more like Fuji/South Pacific. It seems VERY rural. I think he will be sleeping in tents or huts. No buildings this time and this one is not a Teen Mission base like he had in Australia so that will be different too.

      I would love to see Ireland. Can’t wait for the pictures!

      On Thu, Sep 25, 2014 at 4:26 PM, Knit1Kids4 wrote:


  2. One of the pastors lived in Vanuatu with his family for many years and our church still supports a church over there. They’ve been back in the states for a few years now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they end up going back at some point. Let me know if Caleb ever wants to touch base with them to ask questions or anything. 🙂

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