Chocolate Friday

This week I do not have a new recipe to share with you… well sorta.

I certainly enjoyed chocolate this week, but I didn’t get around to taking a picture of any of what I ate.

What I did make was for the youth group kiddos.  First I got many requests to make Hot Chocolate Cookies.  I thought I had blogged about these before, but it is actually from another site that linked up with my Chocolate Friday back when I did that.  They are delicious cookies and when some people find out I’m bringing something they ask for these.

{picture from Blue Jeans and Cotton Tees}


The youth group had another event that I made cookies for again but wanted to do something different.  I decided on Monster Cookies and used the recipe found on Recipe Girl.  I looked at a few different choices and liked her’s because it used peanut butter.

But be warned… if you double her recipe use that REALLY large tupperware bowl everyone seems to own.  I decided to double it after I started and my largest mixing bowl was WAY too small.

{Picture from Recipe Girl}


The cookies though… awesome.  Youth group and family loved them.  I hid some in the freezer for later {don’t tell the kiddos}.

Have you made any great chocolate recipe recently?

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