***Shocking, but this post has no pictures, we just enjoyed eating***

This week with only the girls in the house {the boys are at camp} it was pretty quiet.  They like to make messes with me in the kitchen so me made two new things.

The first was Peanut Butter Ice Cream by Eat at Home Cooks.  We had a little issue getting it to freeze in our ice cream maker, but it was the first time I’d ever used it.  That is usually Rich’s department.  In the end I got it worked out and the ice cream was delicious.

The second was a spur of the moment item. Rich needed something to take to work for a carry in and this recipe was one I’ve been wanting to try.  It is from I Heart Nap Time… I think I found the link on Facebook.  She posted a recipe for no bake Reese Peanut Butter Bars.

The girls and I certainly made a mess making these, but it was fun.  I’m not sure the recipe turned out right though.  When I cut them up the peanut butter layer was, um, mushy.  Maybe baking with the girls is not such the perfect science baking needs to be and we mis-measured something.  Guess we’ll have to try it again 😉

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