Homeschooling Update

I haven’t done a homeschool update in some time… even though I’m not blogging about it, it is still going on!

Mr. J is working through ninth grade with some hiccups.  While we haven’t changed any curriculum choices, we tweaked the schedule and added a few things to round it out more and fill holes I thought needed filling.  After looking through all he is doing this year I still am confident that we are doing everything he needs to be doing, but high school still makes me nervous.

Ms. A added flute to her day after receive one for Christmas {it was on her dream list}. She is sounding much better these days and really is enjoying it.  She is still an avid reader like her Mama.  Teaching Textbooks was an excellent addition for her.  The main item she needs to work on is her times tables.  Flash cards are not my favorite thing so I need to get cracking!  Any suggestions here?

Mr. C still amazes me with his true love of science.  He is doing Apologia General Science that Mr. J H-A-T-E-D, but this boy loves.  He is always coming to me with things he has learned and has loved all the experiments he has gotten to try. God certainly is preparing him to do something in the science field.  Mr. C is also reading through the Narnia series right now.  For my non reader this is huge.

Ms. S is working at her own pace nicely.  Numbers are clicking and she is 3 lessons short of finishing 100 Easy Lessons.  Don’t ask her if she can read though… she doesn’t believe it.  She has read Dr. Suess books, library books, and others to me besides the text but she won’t admit that she can read.  Baffling… I’m hoping after we are through with the book the constant flow of “real” books will get up her confidence and she will soar like her sister.

I most excited to be heading to a homeschool conference soon.  I’m looking forward to filling my tank with encouragement, ideas, and just a reminder that I’m not the only homeschooler out there.  I think that is what I miss most about co-op, but not enough to rejoin.

Only about 10 weeks to go and then summer break!  


8 thoughts on “Homeschooling Update

  1. HIgh School is hard and different. You will survive.
    YEAH on Flute and TT going well.
    YIPPEEE on Narnia. Such awesome books!
    LOL, on Ms S. She truly is a one of a kind.

    HS conference…exciting! I miss them. Are you going to CHEO or one closer to you?

    Did you say SUMMER?

  2. All 4 for your children are amazing and God has big plans for each of them! I cannot believe how much they have grown. Enjoy your Homeschooling Conference and know that you are an Amazing Mom! Maybe we could attend a Hearts at Home Conference together.

  3. Sounds everything is going along nicely. Ms S & Princess sound alike, took a long time for P to believe she could really read – she wanted to read what ever she picked up. Even adult science books…

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