Our Awana Grand Prix was this weekend.  It was a great time.  We had 45 cars racing and it was certainly a close race.  The cars were fast and the creativity of the kids is always amazing. Ms. S had one thing on her mind though… to win a trophy.  She decided she wanted to win in the speed category and Rich was set to do everything he could to help this happen.  She is the only child that does not have a trophy and last year she cried when she didn’t win one. I am happy to report her name was read off and she won third place in Sparks.  She was so excited and then got even better news.  Her BFF {who also never won a trophy} won second place in Sparks.  She gave her a high five when she came up on stage and they were proud to stand next to each other!

Ms. A didn’t win anything, but here is her finished car.

4x6 DSC_0034web


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