Another Day, Another Zoo…

While in Greenville to visit family we headed to their zoo.

Let me just say, we are blessed.  We have two zoos, and even though one is rather small {the other is huge}, sorry Greenville, but even it is better than your zoo.  It almost makes me sad to walk the zoo.  But, you know I have that boy who dreams of being a zookeeper so he doesn’t miss out on a trip to a zoo, no matter how small.

In an hour {and that was moving slow} we saw a pair of giraffes,

one eating…

And looking awkward bending over to get more…

A leopard relaxing in a corner…

A monkey sitting in a position that made us nervous…

A lion who was enjoying the “cooler” weather and pouncing on his cage mate – quite fun to watch…

Flamingos hanging out in the water

Probably to stay away from these guys that were in the same water {but I have to think they were caged off from getting to them… but I really didn’t see any evidence of that}.

There were also some birds and two really old elephants, but not much else!


8 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Zoo…

  1. The last two photos are the same or those flamingos are mimicking each other QUITE well. <—of course you'll fix that and make this comment really lame. LOL

    I actually REALLY love these zoo photos. Love the colors and everything about them.

  2. My favorite animal is the Giraffes so anytime a zoo has them I am happy! That one bending over has cool markings!

    Great reflection shot and yep it’s a double…

  3. Love these! Like you, my 12 year old LOVES the zoo. Our animals have been sooo lazy. Looking forward to going in the Fall, hoping they are doing more than sleeping!

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