Homeschool Curriculum 2012-13

Hard to believe that the next school year is about to begin… but more so that I will have a ninth grader!  It seems like just yesterday I was beginning with him.  Here is a look at our current list.  Yes, I know that school will be starting soon, but I’m still thinking on some items.  I might add or take away, but it’s what’s on the brain for today.

We will be continuing with our use of Mystery of History moving on to Volume 2 this year.  We all loved this last year.  I’ll beef it up with videos {like the Drive Through History}, readers, and read alouds that go along with the topics we are learning about depending on the child.  For all of us, I’d also like to add The Handbook of Nature Study.  We all love to be outside and this book has some great activities to do.  There is also a blog that posts ideas.

Breaking it down:

1st Grade {Ms. S}:

  • Horizons Math 1 {maybe add Life of Fred Apples for fun}
  • First Language Lesson, Level 1
  • Wordly Wise 3000 Level 1
  • Reason for Handwriting, A
  • Apologia Science {will either to Astronomy, or join her sister with Swimming Creatures}
  • Artistic Pursuits
  • Awana, Sparks book 2

4th Grade {Ms. A}

  • First Language Lesson, Level 4
  • Reason for Handwriting, D
  • Apologia Science, Swimming Creatures
  • Wordly Wise 3000, Book 4
  • Artistic Pursuits
  • Teaching Textbooks, 4 or Horizons, or Christian Light… I’m really going back and forth here…
  • Possibly Writing with Ease
  • Spelling Power
  • Awana, TnT, book 3
  • She really wants to learn flute

7th Grade {Mr. C}

  • Teaching Textbook  7
  • Wordly Wise, 7
  • English from the Roots Up {he wants to learn Latin}
  • IEW for writing
  • Spelling Power
  • Science… thinking I’ll have him do Biology with his older brother – he loves science and it might help his older brother enjoy it.  Deciding between Apologia and Biology 101
  • Grammar Punk
  • Artistic Pursuits
  • Awana, Trek Book 1
  • Piano

9th Grade {Mr. J}

  • Teaching Textbooks, Algebra 1
  • IEW
  • Biology
  • Wordly Wise, 9
  • Grammar Punk
  • Artistic Pursuits
  • English from the Roots Up
  • Guitar

They will all do readers based on their level from the library.  This year I’d like to do a book challenge.  We did one last year, but I think I set the bar too high and the boys just never tried.  We also have some great field trips planned because of a friend organizing them and we will most likely start sign language back up.  I’m sure I’m missing some things or listing things I won’t use, but it’s the basics to get us started.


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