Friendship Bracelet

My oldest daughter is crafty.  She is always looking for something to make and I love to use Pinterest to find new ideas.

This time I was also looking for things she could do in the car as we had a long trip planned.  She has tried to make friendship bracelets before, but the knots get confusing and she gets frustrated.  This was the perfect fit.

You take a piece of cardboard and cut a small circle out of it.  Then you cut 8 slits into it with a hole in the middle.  Gather seven color strings, tie together and put through the hole.  One string goes in each slit with one slit left empty.

To begin you hold the empty spot, count up three to the left and bring that string to the empty spot.  Spin the wheel to the empty spot and count again.  Just keep doing this until you have the bracelet as long as you want!

She hasn’t finished yet and I haven’t gotten a picture of it since these.  It looks really cute though 😉

The original idea is from a blog called Michael Ann Made where you can find more pictures and directions.


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