Goldfish, Year 3

This was an interesting year for this event.  Rich had to work so I was on my own taking the family.  We had off and on storms during the week and it wasn’t looking good for the time of goldfish release.  We headed up to the pool about an hour before the event so they could swim.  Mr. J is now too “old” for it according to the pool so he became my helper… and boy would I need one!

Just as they opened the bags of fish the rain started coming in… just gently.

Then the skies BROKE LOOSE!!!  Now I, of course, had my camera so I called for Mr. J to hand me a towel and I put it over the camera.  I looked like one of those old time  camera users, up under a sheet!  He also held one over our heads to help keep us a bit dryer {neither of us had our swim suits on}.  You see all those drops!

Mr. C and Ms. A had no trouble finding and catching fish with their cups {the only thing you are allowed to catch with}.  Ms. S, not so much.  She got overwhelmed and starting crying so Mr. C helped her out.

You see that dark sky?  There was not a dry thing/person in site.  I couldn’t believe we were all THIS CRAZY of parents!!

After about 10 minutes, the alarm sounded and everyone started yelling to get out of the pool… yep, lightening had been spotted!  In the end we had 15{!!!} fish as we dashed for the car.  They have remained alive longer than the other years {darn}…

Year 1

Year 2 – I, shockingly didn’t blog about???


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