Life in Miniatures

Recently I was asked to take some pictures by a gentleman at our church.  He has been building a miniature city in his basement and will be taking it apart soon.  He invited the whole family over and the children were just in awe of the set up.  Here are some of my favorites…

This one reminded me of Rich on Mr. J’s birthday when he was doing that upside down move and was sick the rest of the day… he’s getting old…

Look at this kid flying a kite….. how cool is that!

This one cracked my kids up.  The guy is looking back at his foot because he just realized he stepped in the “present” the dog behind him left on the sidewalk…

He even had a bridge across from one side to the other.  It was removable because his wife said she would not crawl under the bridge to do laundry.  Funny man… On the other side is a carnival scene with a guy showing a bear, a clown and this…

We all kept just pointing out different things we were seeing… so much to take in.  I think we could have been there for some time finding new things.  This guy was fishing off the train bridge.

He has boats, a plane in the sky and even a working ski/sledding hill.  He did this all in just over a year.  Sad that it is going to all come down, but understand.  He has terminal cancer… you can pray for him if you feel led… heaven will be blessed when he enters the gates!


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